Friday, 11 August 2017

Reflection video

Few weeks ago I wrote my speech and delivered in front of my class, the first video is about my reflection about how my speech went and the second video is my speech video. I hope you enjoy the videos.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017


WALT:Finalise and deliver a speech
Education is the road that help children to reach their destination. Many children around the world do not get a quality education where they can learn and develop.

For every kid, education is important for them but in most countries education is   not free, that’s why lots of kids don’t get the opportunity to go to school and learn because some parents can not afford the money for their children’s education.
Some people around the world are poor and that is because when they were younger they didn’t have a proper education. So we should all focus on our learning while we’re young, so in the future we can achieve many opportunity that are waiting for us now.

The aim of education is  knowledge, not of facts, but of values.

This week we had to deliver a speech in front of the class about any topic. My topic was "Do you think education should be free"? The most common topic was " Why should kids get paid to go to school"? Everyone performed their speeches in two days.

Introduction to Measurement

WALT:Measure using informal and formal tools.
This week and last week Rm2 maths class have been focusing on measurement.
We measured lots of things in our classroom, for example the door, chairs, Ms
Tapuke (our teacher ) and more things. We were all measuring with rulers and
our hand which is called informal and formal.

Thursday, 15 June 2017

Mean, Median, Mode and Range

WALT:Use Mean, Median, Mode and Range to describe data.
This week for maths, we were focusing on Mean, Median, Mode and range.
This presentation explains all about the topic we're focusing on this week.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Persuasive writing

Kids should get paid to go to school.
Do you think kids should get paid to go to school? I think kids should get paid to go to school because for some kids, they don’t have lunch because their parents don't have time to make lunch.

I hope that you agree with me because lots of kids in New Zealand struggles with money and that’s not a good thing. Kids should get paid at least half the money that teachers do because
the teachers couldn’t get paid unless the students were learning and coming to school every single day.

Another reason why kids should get paid to go to school is that kids will be more excited for school and finish their work on time. They’ll want to go to school early as they can and they would work their hardest knowing that they would get paid for it.

I think that kids should get paid to go to school, so some kids can actually have lunch and they would be excited for school everyday.

This week for writing, we did persuasive writing. Here's my writing that I've wrote.

Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Our year 8 leadership camp

WALT: write a recount
It’s that time of the year again, Year 8 camp. Every year, the year 8's would go on camp and this year, year 8’s went to Kauaeranga valley in Thames. We all piled into buses and went on with our trip.

While at camp we did a lot of activities my most challenging activity was railway jigger. I jumped on the jigger and started pumping my arm. It was harder than I thought, my arm started burning inside and I could feel the flax going past my face.

I could taste my dry mouth while I was pushing my jigger and I could feel my dry lips. Nearly every students struggled to push their jiggers around the corner, even the teachers.  

Finally it had come to the end and everyone was tired and thirsty. When they all got off their jiggers, everyone fell to the ground and started moaning about how tired they were.    

Last week, the year 8's went on camp and the year 7's had to stay at school. At camp, the year 8's had lots of fun and of course we had lots of leadership opportunities and the year 7's had lots of time to build each other up.